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Hi I'm Aaron,
I work at PlanB. GmbH since September 2020 as an Solution Expert with focus on web technologies.
In previous years I worked at cellent AG as a developer and at a startup as Head of Software Development.

Over the past few years of software development I wrote several apps, articles and talked at conferences.
Since August 2022 I'm listed as an official Ionic Developer Expert (IDE).

You can also take a look at my public Github profile or let me hear something from you on Twitter.

Need a conversation starter?
I like motorcycling, volleyball and Formula 1.

If you have questions don't hesitate to contact me.

Want to talk to me? Book a slot if you like. I would love to chat :)


24.01.2024 - January 24 Winter Days
02.01.2024 - Year Review 2023
26.11.2023 - More than 3 years at PlanB.
28.11.2022 - Getting started with Trapeze and Github (Part 1)
26.09.2022 - Apple Shortcuts: Import Tabs to Things
30.08.2022 - TIL: merge != merge in RxJS (v7 and previous)
19.05.2022 - Don't underestimate the power of colors
13.04.2022 - WFH / Desk Setup
10.01.2021 - I want to love Windows, but...
20.12.2020 - Zoom DOM elements with CSS
28.09.2020 - How to use JSON.stringify
25.03.2018 - NodeJS Azure Function with Toggl
03.08.2017 - Integrate Facebook Login to Ionic Firebase App
18.04.2017 - Ionic and Firebase Storage - Saving Images
13.03.2017 - Sending FCM Push using Cloud Functions for Firebase
07.03.2017 - Ionic and Firebase Authentication

Current CV

My current CV can be downloaded here as a PDF file:

CV - Updated 26. November 2022.pdf

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