28.11.2022 - Getting started with Trapeze and Github (Part 1)

It gives a short introduction for the core concepts of Trapeze in connection with Github Actions. We'll cover which benefits it's providing and how you can use it. Part 2 (coming later) will cover a more detailed version of the Trapeze configuration including .plist and Manifest manipulation.

26.09.2022 - Apple Shortcuts: Import Tabs to Things

How I use a simple Apple Shortcut to import all my open safari tabs into my daily Things list.

30.08.2022 - TIL: merge != merge in RxJS (v7 and previous)

`TIL:` sections on my blog are small things I learned or notice during my day. This one shows the different between merge operator and merge observer.

19.05.2022 - Don't underestimate the power of colors

A short hail to the great VSCode extension Peacock.

13.04.2022 - WFH / Desk Setup

I'll wrote down on my work from home setup. For my own archive and for people who are interested in it.

10.01.2021 - I want to love Windows, but...

A letter from me to Windows which should be a love letter but can't be one. It's hard for me to use it on a daily work basis. I describe some basic problems I have and how I work around them daily.

20.12.2020 - Zoom DOM elements with CSS

How to zoom a DOM element or even a complete HTML document without using the scaling function of the browser? I found a solution for a particular problem I had...

28.09.2020 - How to use JSON.stringify

An easy and extended way to use JSON.stringify method.

25.03.2018 - NodeJS Azure Function with Toggl

This article describes on how to build an Azure HTTP Function which will be triggered by the Geofency App which is available on the App Store.

03.08.2017 - Integrate Facebook Login to Ionic Firebase App

Learn how to integrate the native Facebook login into your Ionic Firebase application.

18.04.2017 - Ionic and Firebase Storage - Saving Images

Combining Ionic and the Firebase service. Use the Firebase storage provider to save taken images and show them inside the app.

13.03.2017 - Sending FCM Push using Cloud Functions for Firebase

With Firebase Cloud Messaging system there is an option to send push notifications through their service. Learn how to integrate them with a serverless function into an app.

07.03.2017 - Ionic and Firebase Authentication

Learn how to implement simple OAuth authentication into a mobile app using the authentication provider of Firebase.