Apple Shortcuts: Import Tabs to Things

26.09.2022 | 2 Minutes

As I mostly work with devices in the Apple ecosystem I also often use the Apple Shortcuts for some things I need to improve or automate. As the possibilities of Shortcuts are pretty high the real world use cases are sometimes limited. There are samples of "Split 2 Apps", "Make a GIF", "Create a meeting note" or many more. But they're mostly not that faster than clicking on "create note" in my notes app.

Today I want to share one of my use cases for Apple Shortcuts which really makes things easier for me.
I handle my life completely by using the Things App from Cultured Code. Doesn't matter if it's ToDos, things I need to remember or storing interesting links. For everything I use this app.

As many users I often have many opened safari tabs on iOS with things I need to remember and/or I find interesting to check back later. But often I also forget about these tabs and always creating new ones but never check back on these links.

And this is where Apple Shortcuts comes to the party. I created a shortcut which simply get's all opened tabs from safari, creating a ToDo in Things for it with a specific imported tag and closes them on the browser. With this use case I can simply import safari tabs into my daily driver Things and check back onto them or plan to check them in my weekly "link reading session" on Sundays.

Do you use Apple Shortcuts for some cool use case? Let me know!