More than 3 years at PlanB.

26.11.2023 | 5 Minutes

Disclaimer: Opinions are my own and do not represent the thoughts and opinions of others.

It has been over 3 years since I joined PlanB. In the IT sector, especially software engineering, this is a significant amount of time. According to statistics, people in the software industry generally don't stay with a company for more than 3 years. This is supported by the fact that I stayed at my previous company for 2 years and 11 months and at my first employer (subtracting apprenticeship and studies), where I remained a full-time employee for 2 years and 9 months.

So, is it time for a change after more than 3 years? To provide you with the answer right now: No. Definitely not. I still remember the first phone call with my current manager, Tobias, about the position and the opportunities. We had a great chat and discussion, so he offered me a contract right after the call (given that we only had this one call). Having been in IT consulting before, returning to it, I knew what to expect. What intrigued me more were the possibilities at the company to evolve and bring more focus to web technologies.

It's essential to know that PlanB. is a cloud-native company with a significant focus on Microsoft technology, particularly Azure. In 2020, there were a few web projects, but more like side projects. Some individuals had worked on web development, but not with a sole focus on the web. Joining a company with almost no emphasis on Microsoft technologies, I thought it might be challenging for me to bring in a different perspective.

However, as far as we have come until today, this is still the main thing I love about the company (and, of course, the people). I'm still the guy at the company who asks questions about things that others accept as "Microsoft best practice" (I hope this is still appreciated). On the other hand, I have also learned a lot about cloud infrastructure and how to set them up properly within the Azure cloud. It's great to have people with different focuses so I can reach out to them if I need an additional opinion on something, such as DevOps, Managed Services, and machine learning (I'm trying to avoid saying AI, as it's mostly machine learning/model training that is currently marketed as "AI" in the world).

We have numerous enterprise projects, including web projects. This is significant for the entire company, ranging from projects with 2-3 people to those with 12-15 people. This is a benefit you wouldn't get in a small product company, startup, or agency.

I love being involved in the complete process of winning new customers, from generating ideas and proposing solutions to actual development and project management. I enjoy helping other people at the company achieve their goals and supporting them to be recognized by customers. I believe I have found my place at the company, and I hope to contribute even more to the overall goal in the coming years.

If you're interested in PlanB. and what we're doing, we're also hiring! Let me know if you may want to join us!

Best, Aaron