WFH / Desk Setup

13.04.2022 | 2 Minutes

I'm now working from home since the beginning of 2020 for a longer time. In the years before I also worked from home but not on a daily/regular base. Starting with the pandemic in 2020 I started to improve my work setup at home to be more efficient and, most important, to feel comfortable and a liked place to work.

I think the most difficult part is still, that I have multiple computers which I use in my office room. There are two notebooks one 14" MacBook Pro 2021 for work, my private 15" MacBook Pro from 2016 and my tower PC for some casual gaming things (and sometimes Windows testing).
It's hard to find a good setup to switch easily input and output devices for multiple computers.
On the notebook-side this is pretty easy. I'm using there a Thunderbolt 3 dock which can be connected via Thunderbolt directly to the MacBooks. The dock is connected to the 27" 4K display (which is currently a Dell P2715Q which I borrowed from a friend). It's also connected to the USB webcam (a cheap one from Aukey) and has also a USB-A Unify receiver for the Logitech MX Masters. Yes I'm still using the first MX Master and I'm totally happy with it.

Luckily the display has two input connection possibilities with DisplayPort. One DisplayPort and one MiniDP. The "normal" one I'm using for the tower PC and the MiniDP for the Thunderbolt dock.
The speakers are connected to the display's headphone jack and I can use audio transport via DisplayPort to listening to music.
For the keyboard I'm using a Keychron K8 with German ISO layout as it's supports macOS and Windows and allows me to save 3 bluetooth connections.

One cool thing is, that I extended my lightings with 2 crystal lightning balls which can be controlled using HomeKit to make it cozy or focused.
Also, one of the important things to me, is the large wood desk plate with an EC3 Flexispot adjustable standing desk.
As a chair I'm currently with an IKEA model called "Markus" which I "tuned" a bit with skating rolls to make it easy to move.

There are still many things to improve. E.g. I want some plants and more possibilities to store a few things. Also a new chair is on the bucket list for the future. But I'll never ever go without the hard floor wheels for a chair.
Also my next technology extension would be a new display but as currently no good display exists (or they are way too expensive, looking at you Apple Studio Display) I'll stick with my current one.

How's your setup for WFH currently? Let me know via Twitter!

Best, Aaron